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Radicalisation of Youth?! – Conference in Bratislava

Radicalisation of Youth?! – Conference in Bratislava

Lana Pasic and Dariusz Grzemny are opening the Conference held in Bratislava discussing the understanding of radicalisation and the role of youth work.

Dariusz is raising a very important question about the fact that being radical for youth can be positive as this can lead toward a social change, can bring to innovation, can lead to revolution. Radicalisation is very political as topic and for this reason sometime youth work prefers not being associate to.

Radical is not a negative as such, but the issue that we are analysing is when for promoting specific values or topics somebody use violence. Radicalisation that is leading to violence acts is then craetion social instability.

Which kind of methods are the most interesting ones for fight or overcome violent radicalisation? The speakers are sharing with the audice the importance of the narrative and share the experience in first person as methodology that can intercept the attention, the feelings and the understanding of the audice and specially with youth work.

During these three working days, we will explore several angle of radicalisation and path that have been raised by youth workers, youth policy developements and researchers.

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