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Partner Building Activity, “Match. Exchange. Develop. Youth Work against violent radicalisation and extremism”: day 1 online

Partner Building Activity, “Match. Exchange. Develop. Youth Work against violent radicalisation and extremism”: day 1 online

Today the P.B.A. organised in the frame of the partnership YWAVRE started and started online! After countless reflections and doubts, the trainers decided to face the challenge of facilitating this activity. online. Of course, there are limits, but also opportunities and we want to concentrate on collecting the elements of learning and growth of today.

A group rich in experience, passion and motivation met today to build possible future work paths based on a solid sharing of experiences and values.

Involved in associations or local organisation that work for the prevention of violent radicalization have shared the different areas of intervention (religious radicalization, far right extremism, nationalism …), but also and above all the importance of the context in which they work and which they must know in depth.

Today we spoke of the values or “what is guiding us” ​​in the work of preventing violent radicalization (in the various manifestations exemplified above). Very different values, but interconnected with each other. The importance of pacifism as an act of prevention against violent radicalization. Resilience, not as a skill or competence, but as a value that drives the action of the youth worker. Be promoters of positive values ​​and acceptance and appreciation of differences and not be afraid of them. Tolerance. Equality: not all kids/youth have the same opportunities. Working to reduce social inequalities is a goal that can lead to the reduction of violent radicalization as well as extremism.

The dialogue as practice the ability to exercise own rights peacefully. Ambiguity: in the sense of accepting that things have different meanings for different people. We have to exercise our understanding. We don’t have to “label” people: people are much more than the labels they wear or we make them wear.
“People are not part of the problem, but they are part of the solution” and prevention work must focus on the centrality of young people to create conditions of safety and a sense of belonging.

Youth work cannot intervene in this complexity alone, but the cross-sectorial approach becomes fundamental both at micro and macro level.
Much more emerged from the discussions, but this element of the values ​​and skills of the youth worker involved in prevention actions is a crucial theme in the long-term strategy and these elements have contributed greatly to new reflections.

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