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Past Training and Events

Past Training and Events

In November 2017, four SALTO Resource Centres together with National Agencies of Erasmus + YiA organised an international onference gathering practitioners, policy-makers and researchers active in the field of prevention of violent radicalisation. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness about the role of youth work against violent radicalisation.

The conference covered the following objectives:

1) To explore the concept of youth radicalisation, its forms and manifestations, and how youth work can have a role in its prevention,
2) To increase participants’ understanding regarding the role of youth work in preventing violent radicalisation and in supporting young people’s resilience and empowerment,
3) To create a space for sharing inspiring practices among participants and for identifying adaptations of existing practices,
4) To strengthen the links of youth work to related fields and sectors where cooperation is useful in order to achieve more on the theme of violent radicalisation,
5) To explore support measures of Erasmus + Youth Chapter and other programmes for youth NGOs working on the theme of the conference.


1) Practitioners active in the field of prevention of violent radicalisation from:

  • NGOs working with the topic directly and working with the themes related
  • Youth leaders
  • Youth workers
  • Public authorities
  • Other sectors (schools, social work, community work etc.)

2) Researchers with relevant experience and expertise

3) Policy-makers with relevant experience and expertise

The report is avalable for downloading Report Malta Salto

Activities in 2019

Youth work against Violent Radicalisation: competencies developement training

The training was lasting 4 days and helt in a symbolic place in Italy as Macerata (4-8 March 2019).
The training provided participant time, tools and input about the importance of growing community resilience that support the youth welbeing specially in critical social and political situation.
The role of youth work in this sense, is to activate process of community resilience that will facilitate the empowerment of youth toward situation of violent radicalisation.
Violence and violent radicalisation are phenomena to which youth are exposed and youth workers should develop specific competencies (or reinforce some) to develop a stronger counternarrative that will allow a stronger community resilience embracing them.

The training, then, provided opportunities of sharing tools, reflecting about needed competencies and develop some of them and, specially, to valorise the experience already done on the field for reinforce the competencies.